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Why We Do What We Do

We believe that everyone should work doing something they love and are passionate about. That is how the most innovative and amazing inventions in our world through the ages have been thought up. And that is how Reivalo Outdoor Equipment was started as well. A group of outdoors enthusiasts got together one day and concluded that we have spent long enough sitting under the fluorescent lights in the office wishing we were out in the wild instead. Then we  decided to do something about it and here we are.

Another reason why we do what we do is to raise the standards for doing business. There are companies in existence that want to make a profit so badly that they intentionally time their products to break or wear out at a certain point so that you would then buy a new one. We do not believe in doing business this way. Our goal is to make the best possible product for you. Period. And if it lasts a lifetime and you never buy another one, that is great news. We will consider that big victory. Life is too precious to compromise your values for profit.

How We Do It


It is important for us to keep up to date on current technological advances and other inventions around us. We want to make sure that our products are taking advantage of the latest and greatest improvement where ever they are relevant to our product lines. So when the scientists come up with a brighter LED lightbulb with a better battery life, we make sure our headlamps are equipped with one of those.



We constantly seek for feedback from the outdoor communities on products and features that they wish were better than what is currently available in the market place. We take this feedback very seriously and try to bring out products to meet the needs and wants of our outdoors people, including you.


Trial and Error

Besides running a business, we spend our time scouting out the wild in an attempt to bring whatever outdoor gear we can get our hands onto to a breaking point to see what will fail first. We then re-engineer it to make it better, brighter, faster, stronger, more durable, and more fun.

What We Do

We make outdoor products for use in activities like running, hiking, camping, climbing, biking and whatever outdoor sport you're into. Our initial line of products started with the Explorer LED Headlamp and we are quickly expanding to other LED lighting products. We currently sell our products in the US only but will expand to other parts of the world in the near future.


If you have any requests for products or product improvements you'd like to see, please let us know thought the contact us page.


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Fun Facts About Reivalo

Where Reivalo got its name

The name Reivalo is actually derived from 3 languages that represent the roots of the founders of our company. The first part Rei comes from Spanish word Rey meaning king but is spelled with the Greek iota with dots which produces the same pronunciation. Valo is the word for light in Finnish. So we really are the king of light. You are welcome to think of our explorer headlamp like a crown on your head so you can feel like part of the Reivalo royal family.


First Customer

The first Reivalo product was purchased by an avid outdoors enthusiast named Bill in Austin, TX.


Our Furthest Reach

Our most distant customer to date ordered a product to an address 5286 miles away from our headquarters.

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