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I purchased the black version of this headlamp. I needed a good headlamp for night time fishing (trespassing) outings on the local golf course ponds. I could tell from the packaging that this is a top notch product, and it is seriously bright. The first time I turned it on, it was like “BAM!!! You’ve been LUMINATED!” Seriously, so bright it’s like looking at the noonday sun. It’s a good looking product. Comes with quality name-brand batteries, not cheap single-use batteries. The weather proofing appears to be very good, there is a seal around the battery compartment. The headband is nicely adjustable and looks good too. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase.

S Scott Gordon

Five Stars 

This is the best headlamp I have.This have great illumination and a really nice price!!!

Francisco Rosario

Great headlamp!

Fantastic headlamp and super bright! The problem with headlamps that I have used, is that they are either not very bright but light or they are heavy and bulky when they are bright enough. This headlamp is light yet super bright. Great for hiking and jogging which both I enjoy alot. In fact, I use this headlamp all the time around the house when there are things needing to be fixed. It also has a great battery life. Good stuff!


I received this head lamp as a gift. It is awesome! I love how bright the LED light is and how much area it illuminates. This is definitely more powerful than your average flash light. The brightness can be adjusted to low, medium, or high. I also really like that it has a Red LED feature. The angle of the light can also be adjusted, which is a big plus. Overall it is a high quality head lamp that is comfortable, easy to use and VERY BRIGHT.

M Holmes

Great Headlamp!!!

I had purchased cheap headlamps in the past and was always disappointed. They weren’t bright, and the mechanical tilting mechanism would eventually fail.
I decided to get one of these lamps. When I turned it on, I had it pointed towards my face – big mistake – this lamp is bright. This is bright enough to go mountain biking at night.
I loved the fact that even the red LEDS were bright.
Definitely worth the money.


The Brightest!

I was impressed when I got my hands on this lamp. It has all the features I would expect (we’ve previously used a Petzl) with a nice solid feel. The brightest mode is way brighter than I’ve had need for though. I click past it to one of the less brilliant modes. My kids have used it for reading books at bedtime too, which is functional with am emphasis on the fun part. I’m considering getting another one to keep in the car in the glove box or with the emergency gear. The other day on a road trip, my wife asked, “hey, do you have that headlamp?” I don’t anticipate it breaking, but with a three year warranty, it’s definitely nothing to worry about.

Sr. Amazonian

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